Doggie Spotlight: Sierra and Nevada

Sierra (black) and Nevada (white/black) are an incredibly fun, bonded pair of girls who are terrier mixes, weighing 40 pounds each, and are estimated to be 7 months young. These two were found abandoned together as pups and the family that found them took them home, started their potty, crate, and obedience training, vetted them and are in good condition. These two are accustomed to living in a home and are a bit unsure as to why they are at a shelter.

They both ride very well in a car and once at my house, they became full of life running through my house, playing with toys, playing with each other, and they had fun having lots of toys to play with. They especially enjoyed tearing the stuffing out of toys, but also were content with playing with a few ropes and bones.

They are reported to be human and dog friendly (cats unknown) and appear to have a good start on their potty training as they knew the cues of “let’s go potty”, but they did have an accident in my home, but after all, they are puppies. So, they need some additional guidance with potty training, but seem to have a good head start on their training.

They both are treat motivated and know their basic commands, and Nevada will try to get on top of your counters so she will need some guidance in that regard. But overall, they both appear to be very smart and I believe these two will made a great addition to any family who is willing to take on the commitment of two young pups. Preference will be given to those committed to keeping them together.

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