Adopting Senior Animals : A Heartfelt Appeal

Today’s article begins with a plea for the countless forgotten hearts yearning for a second chance at love and companionship. We at TAPS, and shelters around the country, ask you to consider opening your hearts and homes to one of the most overlooked inhabitants of shelters and rescues: the senior animals. In the twilight ofContinue reading “Adopting Senior Animals : A Heartfelt Appeal”

Background Unknown: Why some shelter pets don’t have a “bio”.

I remember attending a training a few years back and the facilitator was also a trainer. She indicated that she was continually frustrated when working with clients with rescue animals with no background information on their adopted pet.  She couldn’t believe that as rescues, we could have an animal in our care without any backgroundContinue reading “Background Unknown: Why some shelter pets don’t have a “bio”.”

The Pandemic Puppy Problem

In 2020, shelters across the United States encountered one of the best problems you could hope for. As the coronavirus forced more people indoors and as more individuals began working from home, more families began adopting companion animals for their family. Animals were leaving shelters in record numbers, often faster than shelters could find newContinue reading “The Pandemic Puppy Problem”

A Passionate Plea to End “Free to Good Home”

This post, while written out of frustration, is intended to educate. We need to stop giving animals away free to a good home….from both sides….because in this case, the family thought they had no options but to dump this dog in a crate overnight on our property. I shared this story earlier this week aboutContinue reading “A Passionate Plea to End “Free to Good Home””

Wanted: Loving Homes for our MANY puppies

You may have heard about all our puppies! Roughly 70 of them to be exact. Right now, most are not ready for adoption, but in the coming weeks, we’ll need a lot of adopters!! Please be patient if you have submitted or plan to submit an application, it will take us time to process allContinue reading “Wanted: Loving Homes for our MANY puppies”

Pets of the Week: Chloe and Dandelion

Chloe blossomed since her arrival at TAPS. She was walked into our shelter in a wire crate filled with feces after being abandoned. She is friendly and playful and ready for a home willing to work with her on training and continued socialization. She’s dog friendly and would love an active friend. Hi there, I’mContinue reading “Pets of the Week: Chloe and Dandelion”