Pit Bull Awareness

National Pit Bull Awareness Day was started in 2007 to bring positive attention and awareness to Pit Bulls and their responsible owners. Over time, the awareness day expanded to an entire month to highlight this breed that fills far too many shelter kennels across the United States. As a rescue movement, we need to focus…

Background Unknown: Why some shelter pets don’t have a “bio”.

I remember attending a training a few years back and the facilitator was also a trainer. She indicated that she was continually frustrated when working with clients with rescue animals with no background information on their adopted pet.  She couldn’t believe that as rescues, we could have an animal in our care without any background…

The Pandemic Puppy Problem

Last year, shelters across the United States encountered one of the best problems you could hope for. As the coronavirus forced more people indoors and as more individuals began working from home, more families began adopting companion animals for their family. Animals were leaving shelters in record numbers, often faster than shelters could find new…

A Passionate Plea to End “Free to Good Home”

This post, while written out of frustration, is intended to educate. We need to stop giving animals away free to a good home….from both sides….because in this case, the family thought they had no options but to dump this dog in a crate overnight on our property. I shared this story earlier this week about…


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TAPS brings companion animals together through a comprehensive, holistic adoption center complete with community outreach and education, aggressive spay/neuter, rehabilitation and training programs to ensure a loving partnership for life.

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