Pets of the Week: Elf and Olivia

Dog of the Week: Elf

Elf is a handsome 1-year old, male, German Shepherd mix who is fantastic! He does need some weight on him given that he only weighs 58 pounds, but he has recently recovered from having pneumonia and may have lost a few pounds from that illness. Elf was found running as a stray with another dog and transferred from TCAC to TAPS shortly before Christmas. Although there is no background information on this boy, I learned a lot about him while he visited my home.

Elf enjoys having stuffed toys and bones to chew on, but his favorite toy is a tennis ball. He appears to have had some obedience training in his past and will sit well on command and knows “shake”. Since he was found running stray with another dog, it is believed that he is dog friendly (cats unknown). Due to his exuberant energy, we don’t believe he would do well with small toddlers, but do believe Elf will make a great family pet for someone who is willing to give him appropriate playtime and guidance as he grows into his adult years.

Cat of the Week: Olivia

Hi there, I’m Olivia and I am 6 months old. I am a darling, brown tabby, girl who came to the shelter with my siblings and a group of my friends. We were all too young to be away from our mama’s, but sadly, we all were. We were all fortunate enough to have foster homes available to care for us though. My foster mom has this to say about me: Olivia is a busy girl who loves to play. She loves toys and chasing her siblings…so much fun! When she winds down, she enjoys pets and attention. She gets along with all the cats, dogs, and kids in the home, is sweet, and good natured. If you think that Olivia could be the right fit for your forever family, please fill out an application so you can meet and get to know each other. If you are interested in two…Olivia shares her foster home with sisters, Libby, and Ebony and brother, Brenden.

For more information, check out!

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