Pets of the Week: Feb 1

Dog of the Week: Nina

Nina is a super sweet, American pit bull mix who is 8 years old. Nina came to TAPS in mid-December from PAWS and is quiet, friendly and 61 pounds of pure sweetness! Although Nina arrived at PAWS as a stray, it is apparent that Nina is familiar with car rides and a home. A volunteer familiar with her noted that she was surprisingly active for her age and did not want to nap at the volunteer’s house because she wanted to soak in all the attention she could possibly get in her short outing away from the shelter. Nina was not interested in ropes or bones (but she recently had dental work), yet she had fun destroying a stuffed dog toy. She also does not like hardwood floors and at times, appeared to walk gingerly which leads me to believe that she may be showing signs of the onset of arthritis. Overall, Nina is an incredibly happy, loving dog who simply wants to lay on your carpeted floor, be petted and is extremely treat motivated. PAWS also reports that she is dog friendly so if you are looking for a loving, calm, sweet middle-aged dog, then Nina will be perfect!

Cat of the Week: Sniff

Sniff is wondering how he could have possibly been overlooked and not adopted over the weekend. He thinks life would be more fun if he lived with a family of his very own.Sniff is only 4 months old and came to TAPS with a kitty cold that had settled in his eyes. Although he medically fine his eye is just a bit cloudy. It doesn’t affect him or slow him down. If you think that soft and sweet Sniff might be the kitten you were meant to have please complete an application and then come and get to know him. Please share to save a life.

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