Doggie Spotlight: Cayenne

Cayenne is a beautiful 3-year-old, 66-pound, female pit bull mix who has a stunning reddish coat and infectious smile. Cayenne entered the shelter system on December 11th when she was surrendered to Tazewell County Animal Control because her family could no longer care for her, but Cayenne appears to have been well cared for and is healthy. She was later transferred to TAPS on December 21st.

Cayenne is lively in the car, will jump from seat to seat and does not like to sit still. But she finally settled down when she found a human to sit next to. In my home, Cayenne was an absolute dream and if you are looking for a dog that is “chill”, then Cayenne would be perfect for your home. She was not interested in toys (ropes, bones, balls, stuffed toys, etc.) and I do not know if it is because she is not interested, or if she never played with them in her past. However, Cayenne clearly has a true passion for food and was not picky about the type of kibble I fed her and loved all the different types of treats that I gave to her.

Cayenne does not appear to know her basic commands of “sit”, “stay”, etc., but outside of a few attempts at counter-surfing, she is an incredibly quiet, calm girl who merely wanted to keep to herself. She did not try to get on my furniture and appeared to understand the phrase “let’s go potty”. Although she did have one accident in my house, but I believe her accident was my fault because her signals to go outside are subtle; so potential adopters will need to work with her on this to learn her cues. Cayenne has been cat tested and was found to be non-reactive. It is also reported that she has lived with other dogs in the past so we suspect she is dog friendly too. Overall, I found Cayenne to be sweet, quiet, and friendly and would be a good fit for most families.

To apply for Cayenne, please fill out an adoption form at .

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