Furr-Ever Thankful Series: Our Volunteer/Events Coordinator!

TAPS is able to do the great work we do through the generosity of volunteers. Whether it’s transporting, direct animal care, fundraising, processing applications, or more, we couldn’t do it successfully without our army of volunteers led by Amy, our volunteer/special event coordinator.

Amy started as a volunteer and then became part-time coordinator before joining TAPS full-time. Amy is responsible for overseeing our foster program, coordinating our volunteers, scheduling and attending off-site events, coordinating special events and more. Amy’s work hours are scheduled to meet the needs of the shelter and volunteers, which means she works Wed – Sun from late morning to mid-evening. She shows up for those hours and beyond due to her passion for saving animals.

Amy is known to take a long-term animal for lunch at her mom’s house, for a ride to fill the van with gas or for a special treat at McDonalds. She goes above and beyond her assigned duties to get to know the scared and unsure animals to make sure they know they are safe, and that they have a friend.

This year has been different due to COVID and most of our events have been cancelled but Amy has tried to get out and about with TAPS dogs as much as she can. She also coordinated live music streaming events, Tips for TAPS, to generate a new source of income. Amy’s work is successful not only due to her own passion and drive, but also because of the generosity of our community to donate their time and talent to make TAPS a success..and for that I give thanks.

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