Doggie Date Day Series: Featuring Rhoades

Rhoades is a 9-½ year-old, 15-pound, Pomeranian boy who does not act like a senior! Rhoades came to TAPS seven years ago and was adopted and very much loved by his human mom; however, he was sadly recently returned when his owner had to go into a nursing home. Rhoades is not used to living in a shelter and is frazzled by shelter life so when you see him in his kennel, you will see a dog who is extremely excited, jumpy and barky and wants to get out of his kennel. When he first arrived at TAPS, he was grumpy/nippy, but has since calmed down a bit and is not as grumpy as before, but slow introductions for some people is still needed.

Rhoades rides perfectly in the car, and he found his favorite spot to be on my center console so he can look out all the windows to see where he is going. He does not prefer to sit on your lap but likes to sit next to you instead.

Rhoades loves going for walks and once at my house, he immediately went outside to explore, and seemed to have a fondness of being outside. But he is small and curious so I would recommend that he not be off leash until well-adjusted because he can get under decks, fences and areas of your yard that are tight places – but curious to him. Once inside my home he thoroughly explored my house by running from room to room, and finally settled on the floor to be brushed, played with toys, and eventually calmed down for some belly rubs. I believe he will transition perfectly to a new home with hardly a hiccup.

Rhoades’ previous owner reports that he is potty trained, although he does not keep a clean kennel at TAPS (but in his defense, he must hold it for a long time). While at my house he signaled me when he had to go outside and understood the universal phrase of “need to go outside?”

Rhoades likes to bark, so no apartment living for him and he is reported to be dog friendly. Further, although Rhoades was a perfect angel in my home, since he can be nippy/grumpy if approached too quickly, no children for him either.

If you are interested is Rhoades, please head over to our website at and fill out an application!

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