Pets of the Week: Finch and Cole

Hi, my name is Cole and I’m a spunky 12-year-old kitty … I bet looking at my picture, you can guess how I got my name! When I’m lying in the sun (one of my favorite pastimes), my fur is a beautiful mix of black and auburn colors.

When I was a kitten, my person passed away so I went to live with my dad . It was so great – I learned how to sit on laps, rub on legs and generally do whatever I could to be the center of attention. I even decided to make my dad happy and pretend to come whenever he clapped his hands and called me. I lived with other cats and we got along just fine, but honestly I’d be ok as an only cat too.

Things were going great for me until recently, when suddenly my beloved person passed away. Now I’ve got my paws crossed that a loving person will scoop me up and let me sleep on a little corner of the bed. I’m still energetic and have lots of love to give!

Finch is a 2 year old coonhound mix weighing in at 45 pounds. Finch is a shy and insecure dog that needs a family committed to his on-going socialization. He was adopted and his adopter reports that he is dog friendly, scared but human tolerant outside of the home, but he becomes protective in his home environment with visitors. Due to this, a family will need to be committed to gating or crating him away from home visitors when visitors are over until his new family can work with him on socialization. If you can be the patient family that Finch needs, please apply today!

If you think that I might be the perfect cat for you please complete an application today.

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