Doggie Date Day: Featuring Maze

Maze is a sweet 3 year old mixed breed dog (with maybe some Dalmatian) at TAPS in Pekin, IL.

Maze came to TAPS from Tennessee in early January. He is said to have lived with other dogs so he is thought to be dog friendly. Cats unknown. Maze seems a little scared in his kennel at TAPS and will cower and stare at people he doesn’t know, so he may have bet let down by humans at some point in his past. Volunteers report that he walks great on leash and is super smart and fun! He also loves to play.

During his car ride, he was a little uncertain and whiny, but we find that often with shelter dogs, car rides can mean a number of scary new experiences for them, so it’s pretty common for dogs to be nervous of car rides. Once they were at the volunteer’s house, Maze’s playful and loving personality came out and it became clear that he’s lived in a home before! He loves chewy toys and belly rubs! We also believe the Maze was at one point housebroken because he seemed to know to go potty outside.

Overall, Maze is awesome! He loves being in a home and so much deserves his own fur-ever home! If you are interested in this handsome and loving boy, please apply at

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