Pets of the Week: Cora and Harvest

Featured Dog: Cora

Big and beautiful, Cora is a large mixed breed dog weighing in at 73 pounds. Although 5 years old, Cora acts like a puppy and I suspect she has never had a lot of guidance or obedience training. She can be quiet “mouthy” and will try to jump on you – but she does listen when told “no”. Cora is strong on a leash and needs an adopter that is physically able to handle her. Overall, she appears to be human and dog friendly, but due to her strength and playfulness, we would not recommend a home with toddlers. She is a very affectionate gal and will lean her whole body into you for a hug. Cora will need a family to give her daily exercise and work on her obedience and manners. In some instances, Cora can be a bit timid in some circumstances but give her a little patience and gentle positive reinforcement, she does very well.

Featured Cat: Harvest

Hello there, my shelter name is Harvest (but my friends call me Garfield…this is the name that I know) and I am 4 years old. I came to TAPS from a local animal control, where sadly, I was owner surrendered…. I am an adorable, orange and white tabby boy with a big, round, adorable, face and a big precious purr to match!! I enjoy being petted, talked to, and just with my human friends in general. I am easy to get along with and easy to love. I have a gentle disposition….not much seems to bother me. I can be playful when the mood strikes me, and I do enjoy treats and a bit of catnip. If you think that you could be my second chance at happily ever after, please fill out an application so that we can meet and get to know one another!! I may be just be your perfect match!!

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