Furr-Ever Thankful Series: Our Cat Photographers

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to the two dynamic ladies behind our amazing cat and kitten photos.  Kim and Sheri commit their Sundays to the cats (and more) at TAPS to help capture the amazing photographs that we share on social media and beyond to help our adoptable cats and kittens find homes. 

Sheri started volunteering each Sunday…drumroll please…11 years ago, and if that wasn’t impressive enough, she has fostered an incredible 170 fosters over the years.  Sheri opens her home to the scared, the senior and special needs kittens and cats that walk through our shelter doors.  Currently, she is fostering a blind kitten, Jazzy, to help it feel safe until it finds a forever family of its own. 

Approximately 6 years ago, Sheri recruited the other half of the dynamic duo, her cousin, Kim.  Kim is a whiz behind the camera lens and captures some priceless photographs of our shelter kittens and cats.  Kim is always on the look out for props, and edits the photos of almost every cat and kitten that walks through our shelter doors and foster homes too. 

To Sheri and Kim, it is so much more than capturing an image.  It’s patience.  It was said it was a good laugh for Sheri when a kitten couldn’t hold his stool and went all over Kim, and then ooops, one went all over Sheri too!  It’s heart wrenching.  Sometimes, it may take them 30-60 minutes to sit with a shut down cat to get him or her to open up enough for a photo.  It’s gratifying.  They are able to see the fruits of their labor through nightly adoptions and social media updates.  Rescue is a mixture of emotions and Kim and Sheri experience them all when they work to promote our shelter feline friends. 

Kim and Sheri have been known to help out in other ways too.  One night, Sheri and her granddaughter Ava, along with Kim, helped to track down two lost dogs.  They’ve been known to pitch in with a medical emergency or two on a Sunday evening.  They are happy to help out wherever they can in a pinch. 

Kim and Sheri commit several hours at TAPS each Sunday.  They also commit multiple hours throughout the week as they edit images, post on social media, update our adoption software.  They exemplify the word commitment.  We thank Sheri and Kim for their dedication to not only our feline friends but the entire TAPS mission, and for that I give thanks. 

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