Furr-Ever Thankful Series: Featuring Nellie

Nellie, affectionately referred to at the shelter as Nellie-Belle, is a 7.5 year old hound mix and is the matriarch of the shelter. Nellie once lived in a loving home and had a family, but tragically, they experienced a devastating house fire and were forced to move and couldn’t take her with them. She originally came to TAPS in 2015 when she was just three years old and has been adopted and returned to the shelter because her quirks were not well understood. She has now been with TAPS for roughly two full years. To say she is a staff and volunteer favorite is an understatement. She is a joy on a leash even at 80 pounds and loves to go on long walks. Nellie loves to sniff and her nose is her guide, but she easily redirects with a gentle nudge. Nellie especially loves her special grain-free bones and will sit, shake, and lay down like a complete angel on command for a treat. Her favorite snack is a plain hamburger (no bun, no extras) from McDonald’s.

Nellie is however not without her quirks and this is what has likely influenced her longer stay at TAPS. She is a dog that thrives on structure and TAPS provides that for her. She is looking for a forever home where she can be the queen, so no other pets for her (no cats, no dogs, no exceptions). She would also thrive in a quiet home where there are not a lot of people coming in and out all the time (Nellie cannot be adopted into a home with small children, unfortunately). She needs slow introductions to new people, but when she trusts you, you are in her circle for life. Due to some allergies, she also requires hypoallergenic food and treats, but this should not be a cost-prohibitive factor, just something to be aware of.

There HAS to be a home for our Nellie-Belle out there. She is becoming a senior status dog at TAPS. While we all love her dearly, it’s time for her to regain a family and to spend her senior years in a home. We are thankful to all the staff, volunteers, donors, and admirers who love on Nellie, take her for walks, buy her special treats, and promote her photos and story on social media in the hopes that we will one day find her forever people.

Please visit http://www.tapsshelter.org for more information on Nellie and to view our other dogs and cats. And please share Nellie’s story far and wide so we can find that perfect home for her!

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