Furr-Ever Thankful: A Memorial Post

As a no-kill shelter, we have the privilege of committing to animals as long as they need us.  Sadly, by the time that some of the dogs and cats reach our shelter doors, some have already suffered too much to save them. Too often, kittens and puppies come in that have been exposed to too much illness without a foundation of vaccines or vetting pass away despite our best efforts.    

As a no-kill shelter committed to saving the lives of animals most in need, we never want to turn away animals that are in need of medical care.  Because of our commitment to animals with severe medical needs, we can’t always save them despite our best efforts.  We are the only home and gentle hand that that they ever know.   We tell each and every one of them that we will forever carry them in our hearts. 

Some dogs, like Hoops, come to us with internal damage and passed away after surgery.  Hoops had a diaphragmatic hernia.  Diaphragmatic hernias most often result from blunt force trauma.  He survived a 2 hour surgery that involved 4 different veterinarians.  We did our best to save him but in the end, the trauma was too much.  We became Hoops family and he received love and attention while he was with us.  We always hope that the love at the end overrides the trauma and they go over the rainbow bridge with memories of a gentle touch. 

Others like Mrs. Coco live out their final days with us and pass away from age related disease.  Mrs. Coco suffered from hypothyroidism.  Often times, that impacts their kidneys and liver over time.  Mrs. Coco passed away in her sleep. 

Whether an animal is with us for a day or a year, we always want them to know that we are their family. Our primary goal is to get every animal into a home.  Even if TAPS shelter ends up being their forever family, we are there for them.  Thanks to our kind and loving staff and volunteers, I believe that every animal that enters our doors can feel the love. 

We carry the heartache of the loss with us but it motivates to work even harder.  In the end, we believe that kindness will prevail and at some point, we will win this fight for those animals without a voice.  We are their advocate until the end.  For those that join me in our efforts even though sometimes it ends in heartbreak, I give thanks. 

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