Furr-Ever Thankful Series: Clover’s Story

I was contacted one Saturday afternoon about Clover. The sending animal control received several reports of a dog running on the interstate. They were unable to locate the dog. As I understand it, a volunteer went out to search and found Clover, as they named her, laying in a ditch. She could barely stand on her own. They put her in their car and drove her to the shelter, where the shelter vet said, “euthanize her, she’s almost dead.”

Luckily, the volunteer knew that wasn’t the end of Clover’s story and advocated to save her. I have to admit when I said “yes”, I didn’t know the extent of her injuries; though, it wouldn’t have changed my answer. A special thank you to Board member Nancy Affolter, and her husband Gary, for picking up Clover to deliver her to one of our partner vet offices.

Clover was covered in ticks and fleas and she was mostly skin and bones when she arrived. She had a broken pelvis and a leg broken in so many pieces, they didn’t know if there was enough bone to place a pin. Thanks to some excellent vetting, several weeks of cage rest, and Clover’s determination and spirit, we were able to save the leg. Sadly, her vetting needs didn’t stop there. Clover also tested heartworm positive, which meant she would have to undergo additional medical treatment before she would be ready for adoption.

We are beyond excited to share that this story too has a happy ending. Clover was adopted on November 7 and we know she has a loved and beautiful life ahead of her. Her adoptive family has shared that she is thriving in her new home. She does well with the other dogs and is making friends with the house cats. She follows her human mom everywhere and sleeps in bed. Her leg is not slowing her down at all. They adore her!

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank everyone who makes all our adoptions possible but especially the extra special needs cases like Clover. Together, we are saving lives!

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