Furr-Ever Thankful Series: Moxie’s Story

By: Merit McWhorter, TAPS Volunteer & Moxie’s Foster Mom

On August 15, 2020, I was sent an message from Amy Collins with Holly Crotty, Director of Taps added also.  Amy had sent me a request 2 yrs ago when we saved Nellie (also a white boxer); She asked if I was ready for my next Boxer?  She also sent a picture of this very emaciated white boxer.  She said she was at the local animal control and she could not find a local foster -super sweet and was taken off of the streets.  Of course I said yes, hoping that she got along with my 4 dogs that live with me.  On August 21, 2020 I got to meet this sweet adorable girl, but I was shocked at the shape she was in.  She weighed 32lbs at original intake and now she was at 40lbs. It makes me sad even to this day with her healthy to look at those pictures.  I personally think she will reach around 65 to 70 when at her healthy weight, she is around 58 to 60 now.  

I was going away for the weekend so she stayed the weekend at Taps and was processed, we found out she had a dislocated hip and was terribly skinny, however no other issues.  Surprised for sure.  On Monday, August 24, 2020 she came home with me.  Moxie is the name we were to give this sweet girl, another volunteer came up with it and I thought it fit her to a T.  She was and is nothing but sweetness, and she was eating like a trouper!!!  14 cups a day in the beginning with 5 feedings, including dry, wet dog food and a mixture of chicken/bone broth/peas, carrots, green beans and rice.  We learned quickly she didn’t like peas!!!   She had her FHO surgery on August 27, 2020 and the healing began.  Within a month she was up to 51 lbs, she was house trained, and put up with my four dogs and was only interested in the cat but would never hurt him.  Her feedings decreased per her desire and we just loved her, she is a great snuggler and a true Boxer at heart!!! 

When I think about the time and effort it takes to foster, the time getting up through the night when she says she needs to go out, the extra laundry, the walks, the training, IT IS ALL WORTH IT.  I get to see a miracle happen with the help of Taps, every day.  People ask how I let them go, especially one so perfect that I saved, because there is always another that has the same need.  Yes there are tears, more than we admit to, but that is ok, they are tears over the new pics of Moxie in her new forever home, not over a dead dog that someone abused so badly that was put down because no one said yes.  We live in 720 sq feet – we have 4 dogs – 7 lbs, 11 lbs, 22 lbs and 55 lbs  — yes you have room I assure you!!!  Moxie was number 50 foster for us, she wears it well and is a great reminder of what saying yes can do.  

Moxie on adoption day with her new forever mom, and her foster mom!

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