Furr-Ever Thankful Series: Dooley’s Story

Sometimes a good dog lands in a bad situation. Dumped at a coal mine starving, emaciated, shaking, and scared, Dooley was lucky enough to find his way to TAPS in early September. He earned his name after some of our faithful followers thought of “Dooley”, inspired by the movie “Coal Miners Daughter”, and everyone decided it was the perfect name for him!

Upon intake at TAPS, Dooley also tested positive for ringworm in addition to being severely malnourished and because of that, wasn’t able to go into a foster home. But after a little love, TLC, regular meals, and dedicated staff and volunteers, he blossomed into a thriving, playful, active young dog. After a few weeks he didn’t even look like the same dog! Despite his rough beginning, Dooley made immediate friends with everyone he met!

Fast forward two months, Dooley has since recovered from his original situation and has continued to grow into a typical, rambunctious 1-year old lab mix. We are happy to report that he was adopted at the end of October by a wonderful family and is reported to be enjoying his new life with his forever family, playing with both human and fur siblings, and living every day to the fullest.

It is incredibly inspiring to witness a recovery such as Dooley’s. We couldn’t do it without our community of staff, volunteers, partners, supporters, and families. People like you reading this article. We hope you continue to enjoy these daily stories and find hope and inspiration in each story. Thank you for reading!

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