Furr-Ever Thankful Series: Featuring Chevy

We hope you are enjoying this month’s Furr-Ever Thankful Series so far! In addition to success stories like Donald’s, we also plan to highlight some of our special adoptable animals, like Chevy!

Meet Chevy- a 5 year old handsome, Russian Blue mix boy, here at TAPS from a nearby animal control where I was owner surrendered. I am a good natured guy, gentle, calm, and easy to get along with. I love to be petted, talked to, and near my human friends. I am attentive and will be great company to my forever family. I am also just the right amount of playful and snuggly. I enjoy string toys, a sunny window seat to people watch through, and a little catnip.

Chevy has tested positive for FIV, so he will be looking for a home where he is an only cat or a home with another FIV+ cat. Feline immunodeficiency virus is a Lentivirus that affects cats worldwide, with 2.5% to 4.4% of felines being infected. FIV differs taxonomically from two other feline retroviruses, feline leukemia virus and feline foamy virus, and is more closely related to human immunodeficiency virus. The stigma that FIV once carried has changed greatly over the years. FIV+ cats can live long, normal lives, showing no symptoms, just as any other cat.

They need good quality food, regular vet care, and an indoor home, the same as any other.

Unfortunately, there is no specific antiviral treatment for FIV. Cats can carry the virus for a long time before symptoms appear. Therefore, treatment focuses mainly on extending the asymptomatic period or, if symptoms have set in, on easing the secondary effects of the virus. Your veterinarian may prescribe some of the following treatments:

  • Medication for secondary infections
  • Healthy, palatable diet to encourage good nutrition
  • Fluid and electrolyte replacement therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Immune-enhancing drugs
  • Parasite control

Please talk to your vet, do your research, and do not let this deter you from meeting this gorgeous young man, as he may just be perfect for you. An application to apply to adopt Chevy can be found by clicking here.

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