Furr-Ever Thankful Series: Nov 1st

By: Holly Crotty, TAPS Executive Director

I love when I am out in public and people approach me with stories about TAPS. Often times, it’s positive and they tell me how much they love their adopted animal. Other times, it’s a complaint, but I find most people are respectful once they understand the reasoning behind a decision. I always appreciate an opportunity to discuss TAPS. Through these conversations, I understand that transitioning a newly adopted animal into your home isn’t always easy and the adoption process isn’t always understood. Rescue is more than a cash transaction and we are grateful for your patience with our process. We put our heart into each of our TAPS dogs and cats, and I’m thankful for our adopter’s and supporter’s commitment too.

We couldn’t do our work without a tremendous level of support. TAPS truly is a community effort. This month, with the help of a committed group of volunteers, we are doing a special blog series to share a behind the scenes look at our staff, volunteers, adopters, our successes as well as our heartbreaks. We want to share our work and how everyone sharing a role contributes to life transforming changes for our adoptable dogs and cats. We hope you’ll read them, share them, and have a better understanding of why we believe adoption is a better option when welcoming a new pet into your home.

Staff, volunteers, donors, adopters, social media supporters, rescue partners and beyond each play a significant role in helping us save lives. Whether a dog or cat stays with us a day or a year, it takes a committed group effort to serve as a safe haven for our shelter animals. We couldn’t do it without you. I hope you enjoy the blog series and learning more about TAPS. We are proud of our shelter and the work we do here in Central Illinois and beyond.

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