Doggie Date Day: Mooney

Mooney (a/k/a Eddie Munster) is a 1-year-old, boy, hound mix weighing in at 53 pounds. Mooney recently arrived at TAPS from Tennessee and there is no background information on him, but he appears to be dog friendly. In his kennel, Mooney proves to be a wild child who is hard to put a leash on because he is bubbling over with energy and happiness because someone picked him; but he is still a puppy so he will appear barky and hyper if you do not pause to read his kennel card.

Mooney jumped in my car like an old pro and rode extremely well given his young age. He sat quietly and looked out the window but will need help building up his confidence in existing vehicles as he is unsure of jumping out of a tall vehicle such as my SUV. However, he rode so well in the car that he fell asleep and I forgot he was in the car. We also took him through a drive-thru and he did not seem interested in that process and did not attempt to jump into my front seat and simply waited for his treat from the drive-thru lady.

Mooney was active while at my home, but not overly active, and was incredibly happy exploring his new surroundings. After discovering my dog toy box, he dug out a few Nylabones and was extremely happy and calm which surprised me given his young age. Mooney will need proper toys because I noticed that he became a bit “stir-crazy” without toys and he went on a hunt for something to do. Mooney is still a puppy so he will need re-direction to make the right choice of chewing on a bone rather than your arm, but he allowed me to take toys away from him without any issues.

Mooney also has a very sweet side where he wants to sit in your lap while he chews his bones and be petted. Overall, Mooney is on the calmer side of a puppy (which is not evident in his kennel), but I believe he will make a great fit for most families as he seems gentle and sweet, and will grow into a well-rounded dog if taught some basic obedience and given positive structure as he grows out of his puppy years.

Please visit to view all our available animals or click here if you want to submit an application for Mooney!

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