Life Inside the Shelter: Dash

A couple of our volunteers have graciously decided to start a new series on our adoptable dogs called “Life Inside the Shelter” to give our fans a brief view of each of our animals that are available for adoption. Normally, the public can walk in anytime during our hours of operation and view our animals, but this year because of the pandemic, we’ve had to close our doors to the public and do adoptions by appointment only with pre-approved applications. This means that many potential adopters can only get to know our animals through pictures and written words. Because of this, important behavioral and personality traits are missed because they don’t get to see the dog in motion. This new series aims to bring videos to our followers and potential adopters so they can get a better glimpse of our featured dogs and hopefully fall in love and adopt them. Below, enjoy our first video in this series featuring Dash (turn your volume up to hear Linda give some information on Dash). And don’t forget to go to to fill out an application if you’re interested!

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