Doggie Date Day Series: Landry


Landry is a stunning 2-year-old, boy, shepherd/Siberian husky mix who is so much fun and bursting with energy – but not too much energy! Landry originally came from a shelter in Kentucky and was adopted from TAPS, but returned one month later because the owner’s other dog (who was smaller) did not seem to like Landry. In his kennel, Landry is very barky and extremely excited, but on the other hand, he once lived in a home and because he has had a taste of the good life, he does not want to be in a shelter environment.

Landry rides well in a car and is very calm – until you get to a drive-thru! Landry has obviously been to a drive-thru in the past and burst with excitement because knows that a drive-thru means a treat of some sort for him. In my home, Landry enjoyed investigating all of the nooks and crannies and seemed very happy exploring and playing, but Landry is a puppy in a large dog body so he will need proper toys and guidance so he does not become destructive. Although Landry loves to play, he can be “mouthy” so no small children for this playful large boy! Landry is also extremely inquisitive of new things and quickly eyed up my baby gates (that are not secured) and began poking at them in an attempt to figure out how to get around them. I believe Landry to be a very intelligent dog who will problem-solve and I also witnessed how he loves to please people as he listened well to my correction when he tried to counter surf.

Landry appears to have had potty training as he did not have any accidents in my house and understood me when I asked him if he needed to “go outside.” Although Landry likes other dogs, due to his size and being an overgrown puppy, I believe he would do best in a home with larger dogs for him to play with. In the big picture, Landry is a very affection dog who loves to be around people, and I believe with some proper guidance and training, he will make a great family dog.

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