Doggie Date Day Series: Archie

Archimedes (a/k/a Archie) is a 3-year-old, super cute Labrador/Retriever mix who is bubbling over with a mixture of sweet and fun! There is no background information on him as he was picked up as a stray – so the age is a guess – but he certainly acts younger than a 3-year-old. Since he acts younger, it is not surprising that in his kennel he jumps wildly, barks, is hyper and excited that you picked him above the other dogs; however, he can be a bit tricky getting him out of his kennel because he is reactive to the other dogs. This does not mean that he dislikes other dogs, but he may be dog selective.

Archie needed help getting into the car and seemed unsure of what “going for a ride” means, but once in the car he was a mixed bag of personalities ranging from riding well in the car calmly and looking out the window, to being a bit nervous. But once we got to Starbucks for his Puppuccino, he became so exited that he jumped in the driver seat to see what the action at the Starbucks window was all about.

At my home he became an incredibly happy, affectionate dog who was excited to play with the various toys. Unlike most puppies, Archie is not “mouthy,” yet is very playful and let me take toys out of his mouth. Archie tends to bubble over at times and does a happy dance in exchange for treats and pranced through my house with excitement. But Archie will definitely need help with potty training as he had three accidents at my home; Archie needs to learn bladder control and I do not believe he has ever had to “hold it,” so potential adopters will need to work with him on his potty training. However, Archie is a Lab/Retriever mix and this breed is famous for their trainability and love to please their owner.

Overall, I feel Archie will make a great family pet once he is taught some basic obedience and given positive structure as he grows out of his puppy years. You can fill out an application at: if you’d like to come meet Archie and see why all the staff and volunteers rave about him!

Or you can visit to view our other dogs and cats available for adoption. Together we are saving lives!

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