Senior Sunday

There are numerous reasons to consider adopting a senior dog from a shelter. They don’t require nearly the amount of exercise as a young puppy and are perfectly content snuggling on the couch with their owners, binge watching the latest season of your favorite Netflix show. Many are beyond the “terrible-two’s” of pet ownership where cords and cables, couches, and tennis shoes are all fair game as outlets for adolescent energy. Some senior dogs may even already know their name and basic commands like sit, shake, and lay down. If you are extra lucky, it may take minimal effort to potty train them, as many were once in a home and might be quick to remember the rules of home life. Often times, many of our seniors are simply looking for a comfortable bed to rest their aching, sometimes arthritic bones for the remainder of their golden years and are searching for a loving hand to provide gentle pets and belly rubs (and extra treats of course). Below we are highlighting some our amazing seniors that are currently looking for their forever home (and don’t forget, if you can’t commit to adopting, you can always consider fostering!).


Nellie is 7 year old hound mix that needs a firm but understanding owner that will be patient with her and help her understand she is finally home but she is the dog not the master. Nellie must be the only animal in the home, she does not like other dogs or cats. At the shelter, she minds her own business and doesn’t instigate with other dogs so if you have a fenced in yard to keep her away from other dogs and cats, she’ll be fine in your neighborhood, but if approached by other animals, she will assert her dominance. Nellie cannot go to an active home that have people coming and going, and she cannot go with children. Nellie would do best with a single owner who respects that she needs to be put up when visitors come to the home as she can get protective of her person. Due to her vocalization and special needs, she needs a home with a fenced yard, no apartment living for her. Nellie will not be a fit for most families; however, we know her perfect owner is out there. Nellie does great at the shelter with structure and guidance and a set routine. Nellie needs an owner who will provide stability and routine for her to help her feel safe and secure. We have written about Nellie before and it is our top post on the blog!


Katherine is a 7 year old pit mix and was picked up as a stray running on a rural road in Tazewell County. No one came looking for her. She was in poor condition and was heartworm positive. She has completed heartworm treatment and is now ready for a home of her own. By appearance, Katherine appears to have been bred a lot in her past life. She is insecure around other animals and does not know how to read their cues and we believe that is because the only time she was exposed to another dog it was to be bred. Because of her insecurities, she would do best as an only pet. Check out Katherine’s Date Day and read below what her favorite volunteer says about her:

She is just wonderful. When she arrived at taps you could tell she never had a strong human connection before. She’s never ever been human aggressive just more aloof. But that’s changed. She looks forward to her time with staff and volunteers and gives kisses. She is fantastic on a leash. I just enjoy her company so much. While she’s technically a senior she’s spunky but respectful. Lots of life left for this baby girl.


Kelvin is an 8 year old husky mix weighing in at 40 pounds. Kelvin was an owner surrender to a high volume, low resource shelter but we do not have information as to why. Overall, Kelvin seems like a friendly, well-mannered boy. He did not like being restrained for his heart worm test blood draw…but who does??? Because of his reaction to being restrained for the blood draw, we would not recommend Kelvin for a home with small children that may not read his signals if he becomes upset. We’ve wrote a lot about Kelvin because he is awesome and needs a home of his own! Check out our most recent article on this handsome hunk here!


Liza is an absolutely amazing girl estimated to be an 8 year old lab/retriever mix. She is sweet and seems to love attention. She is another sweet soul that was picked up running stray and no one came to reclaim her. Liza weighs in at 63 pounds. If you are looking for an adult dog to welcome into your family, Liza could be your girl. She is currently undergoing heart worm treatment, so is not quite ready for adoption, but would love a willing foster to take her in while she finishes treatment.

Sarah Jessica Barker

Sarah Jessica Barker is a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier Mix that was found abandoned in a home in poor condition but it hasn’t broken her spirit. Sarah is friendly and loving and thrives on human attention. We believe her skin to be a combination of allergies, poor nutrition and overall lack of care. We are working on restoring her back to good health so she’s not quite ready for adoption just yet, but will be soon and we are looking forward to helping her find a family of her very own.


Hello there, I’m Olive and I am 10 years old. I am a beautiful, brown tabby girl, who came to TAPS on a transport from a kill shelter in Tennessee. I am a soft, sweet, gentle, loving young lady…AND you will be pleasantly surprised that I am super PLAYFUL!! I LOVE dangling toys and am lots of fun to play with. I can catch those things very quickly too. I am attentive, affectionate, and a total doll. If you think that I could be the one for your forever family, please come to the shelter and let’s get to know each other!


Hello, I’m Punkin and I am 11 years old. I am a handsome orange and white tabby boy and am front paw declawed. I came to TAPS from a local animal control. I enjoy gentle pets and scratches, a warm sunny window or screen door to look out of, and a nice warm lap to curl up in. I am on some special food that isn’t much more expensive than any regular good quality food. If you think that I might be the right forever friend for you, please come to the shelter and meet me!


Hello, my name is Serenity and I am 16 years old. I am a beautiful, front paw declawed, torbie girl, here at the shelter from an animal control some distance away. I was surrendered because I had hairballs!! Can you imagine?? My foster mom says I’ve had no hairballs or anything at all wrong with me since she took me home. She says I’m pretty perfect!! I know my name and come when I’m talked to. I absolutely LOVE a lap to be in and being petted. I am gentle, attentive and loving. I enjoy sleeping on the bed at night and sitting with my foster mom when she reads or watches TV. She says I’m the very best of company and my forever family will never be lonely with me to keep them company. If you think that you could be my forever family, please fill out an application. Once it is approved, my foster mom will contact you for a meeting.

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