Lois Lane’s Pool Party!

By Linda Elward

Lois Lane is a 5-½ year old, 44-pound, female, low-rider pit bull mix, who like many dogs that entered the shelter system, has no background information; although Lois was picked up as a stray (in Metropolis, hence her name) with another dog so we believe she is dog friendly.

Lois came to TAPS last November and although she is well-adjusted at the shelter, in her kennel you would witness a very sassy, excited dog who will bark at you excessively. Not a good way to get your attention; but it is the only way she knows how to get you to notice her. But once you get her away from the shelter, she does show a different side to her.

In the car, she is calmer and no longer barking to get your attention. Instead, she is bursting with anticipation to go for a ride and do something fun and she has a cute “snort” because she is excited. At my house, she is extremely curious of her surroundings and she relishes at any opportunity to be active. In fact, I wonder what it would take to make Lois calm! After swimming laps in my pool for nearly an hour, and an hour car ride, she did not stop once to take a nap and would have probably enjoyed a long hike or run after her activities.

Overall, Lois would make a great companion for anyone who is active and would most likely not do well in a quiet home with couch potatoes. While we believe her to be dog friendly, she is a little too interested in our feline friends so her perfect home will not have any cats. No small children for this sassy gal either. Additionally, you must be over 21 and own your own home in order to be approved for this beauty! Finally, she will also require a fenced in yard, preferably a privacy fence, because this free-spirited girl has been known to climb fences! If you are a looking for a sassy, fun, well-rounded, active girl – Lois Lane would fit the bill. Will you be her Clark Kent?

If you are interested in adopting Lois Lane, please make sure you have an approved application on file. If you are already approved, please call the shelter at 309-353-8277 to make an appointment!

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