Finding a Home for Daffadil

Pit Bulls in shelters across the United States face many barriers to adoption, often due to preconceptions about the breed, breed-specific policies, and bans. While they make up about 6% of the domestic dog population, they average about 33% of the breeds found in animal shelters across the United States with only 1 in 600 ever finding a forever home. Pit bulls are one of the most controversial breeds and have been the topic of much research and public and private opinion. It is always encouraged that you research any breed before adopting. Here at TAPS we are committed to finding loving homes for each of our animals and I would encourage everyone to read below about one of our pit mixes, Daffadil, and share her story so that we can follow through with this commitment to her.

Daffadil, also known as Sophie Pickles by her favorite volunteer, is a special girl that needs a special home. Daffadil has been in a foster home and she loves all the comforts that a home can provide. She loves long walks and cuddling up on the couch or in the bed. She loves to lay down and chew on her Nyla bone and especially loves treat filled toys with her favorite treats…natural peanut butter or pumpkin. Sophie is kennel trained, house trained, and is not destructive in the house. She loves tennis balls and running in a fenced in yard. Those are all of the pluses of this sweet and beautiful girl.

However, Daffadil has a few obstacles of her own and will require a patient and understanding family. She is an insecure dog that needs a quiet, only pet environment. When things are quiet and calm, she can peacefully co-exist with another dog, but she is easily started by loud noises such as fireworks and becomes over-stimulated by both noises and active dog play and becomes dog aggressive. Daffadil also has many allergies and requires a prescription allergen-free diet, which isn’t much more costly than a normal quality food diet. Your vet can give you a prescription and you can order directly from Chewy or another mail order company right to your door. She also requires a monthly medical prescription that can be between $75-$100/month. We are also suggesting a home without children under the age of 12 due to loud noises/fast movements making her uncomfortable.

Our main goal is to get Daffadil into a home. She does not do well in a shelter environment and is scared, nervous, and anxious. If you think Daffadil would be a good fit but the prescription food and meds may be cost prohibitive, we would consider a foster placement for her for the right approved family. If you are interested in Daffadil, please submit an adoption app, and put Daffadil (foster) in the space for dog name on the adoption application.

She is a special girl looking for a quiet home and we are hopeful that we can find just the right place for her to live out the rest of her life. If interested, please visit and fill out an application.

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