Double Double Toil and Trouble – Meet Sasha and Nicolai!

These two beautiful Great Danes, Nicolai and Sasha, were brought to TAPS together in early July and while we don’t know much about their history, they appear to be human and dog friendly. As a large breed, we are looking to place them in a home that has adequate space, both in the home and in the yard to accommodate their extra large size. TAPS will be prioritizing applications looking to adopt them together.

Sasha is a 1 year old Dane weighing in at 87 pounds. She has no known health issues but she is under-socialized and looks to Nicolai for re-assurance.

Nicolai is a 1 1/2 year old Dane weighing in at 120 pounds. Nicolai has back leg issues that may require long-term vetting at the adopters expense. We want any adopter to be fully aware of his issues because we do not want him returned due to the cost of vetting. We do not know if it is a congenital deformity or if it was caused by a poor environment such as being caged in too small of a kennel. We have done x-rays and there do not seem to be any pelvic issues. Nicolai does have some mild hip dysplasia and arthritis in his back legs that may get progressively worse as he ages. Right now, he does not appear to be in pain and does not require management but that may change in the future and would be at the expense of the adopter. His knee muscles are very tight and he would benefit from range of motion therapy in a pool or regular exercises with his family, but we cannot guarantee that the problem will improve with range of motion therapy. Any applicant must have a working relationship with their veterinarian and involve your vet pre-adoption to ensure you have a full understanding of Nicolai’s potential long-term needs.  We do not want to see him returned because his care is more intensive than anticipated.

TAPS is actively looking for a home that will accept this loving, bonded pair together. We know this is no small ask and request that any person interested in adopting these two seriously evaluate both the immediate and long-term expenses before submitting an application. Great Danes are an expensive breed to own, considering their monthly cost for food, heartworm preventative, and flea/tick control. Please do your research on the breed beforehand as they can also be prone to diseases and other conditions, like bloat, which may require emergency, life-saving surgery.

Despite their challenges, Great Danes can be wonderful companions and these two are the perfect example! Danes are affectionately referred to as gentle giants and while they look imposing, in reality they can be one of the sweetest and most affectionate breeds around. Originally bred to hunt wild boar, Great Danes are a gentle, good-natured breed that typically gets along well with other dogs and people. This eager to please, people oriented dynamic duo might be strong, but at their hearts are sweet and gentle. Please share their story so we can find a comfortable home for these two!

Please visit for more information to view our other animals, and to submit an application!

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