Doggie Date Day Series: Meet Kelvin

By Linda Elward

Kelvin is a fantastic dog and a great example of a dog who will show a different personality outside the shelter. Kelvin is a small (40lb), 8-year old Siberian Husky mix who was surrendered to a high-volume shelter with no information provided to the surrendering shelter. In his kennel, Kelvin tries to hide his stress, but is a little nervous, insecure, worried, and never wags his tail; which is not surprising since he was an owner surrender. As soon as we got Kelvin in the car, he quickly fell asleep which confirms the fact that he is stressed at the shelter.

However, once we got home, he was curious and slightly more relaxed and the more he investigated my yard, the calmer and happier he became. Soon, he was running around the yard and wagging his tail with joy. He was very respectful of my garden and appears to be conscientious of “human spaces” as he used only my garden paths and we had to coax him to get on the patio furniture. After he thoroughly investigated my yard, he started to “move in” by burying treats and bones in my mulch and desperately wanting to go inside. Once inside my house, it was clear that he lived in a house before and he prefers to be inside rather than out. Inside my home, he became more independent, livelier, and was not interested in getting on the furniture or following us around, and quickly became very relaxed. Interestingly, he was disinterested in my dogs that were in another room.

Unfortunately, I believe Kelvin thought my house was his new permanent home as he began to show signs of stress again when we were returning to the shelter. I am confident Kelvin will thrive in a home and will quickly settle into a new environment.

Please share Kelvin’s story so that he can find his way back into a treasured home life. To apply for Kelvin or any of our other dogs and cats, please fill out our adoption form here!

To view other stories like Kelvin’s, check out our blog page for more!

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