Doggie Date Day Series: Meet Sweet Cheeks

Update: We are happy to announce that Sweet Cheeks has been adopted!

By Linda Elward

To describe Sweet Cheeks’, aka “the Hippopotamus”, personality in the shelter, it is important for one to know a brief synopsis of her history. Sweet Cheeks, who is a 3.5 year old pit bull/basset hound mix, was surrendered to a local animal control shelter because her family could not afford a one-time emergency medical need that she has since recovered from, and was later transferred to TAPS. Since she had a family before arriving at TAPS, she is largely calm inside her kennel and keeps her area clean, but is especially reactive to other dogs and is insecure of new people. She might require a few “meet-and-greets” before she determines she can trust you – some people she warms up to instantly, while others (such as myself) it takes more time. Yet, once she determines that you are part of her pack, and you get her away from the shelter, she shows a completely different side of her personality.

In my home, she became lively, sassy, fun, and curious of her new surroundings; a side of her that I did not witness at the shelter. I saw a happy dog who loved having a yard to roll in and was content with life. And once she thoroughly investigated her new surroundings, she took a good nap and simply wanted to be close to you. However, her insecurities of new people did not go away outside the shelter and she gave my husband a warning (a slight growl) that she did not trust him yet.

If you are interested in Sweet Cheeks and/or want to check out the other dogs and cats available at TAPS, please visit our website at!

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