It’s Kitty City at TAPS!

If you’ve ever thought about adding a kitten to your family, now is the perfect time to head over to the TAPS website and look at all the kittens we have available! Make sure you have an approved application on file or click this link to fill one out. If you see a kitten you like, make sure to put his or her name on your application! As a reminder the adoption fee for kittens 6 years old and under is $60.00, while cats 7 years old and over are $25.00. The adoption fee includes: Spay/Neuter, Age-appropriate Vaccines, De-worming, Flea Prevention, Feline Leukemia Test, FIV Test (6 MOS+), and a Microchip. Below are a few highlights of our adorable available kittens!

Jeannie, Josie, Jenny (update: Jeannie, Josie, and Jenny have all found homes!)

 Jeanie, Josie, and Jenny came from sunny Florida after a kind couple who help at the shelter came across their mom crying in a storm drain…alone, starving, and pregnant. They began feeding her, coaxing her, and eventually were able to get her inside the home with her kittens. When vacation was over, they brought everyone back with them! These girls are sweet kittens who like to play with toys and sit in warm laps! They are currently in foster so once your application is approved, the foster family will contact you to set up a time to meet a kitten (or two!).

Honey and Marmalade

Honey and Marmalade were surrendered because there were too many kittens in the household. They love nothing more than to be with their human friends. They are little things with big purrs that love to be held, petted, and sit on shoulders…and are super social. They are also very busy and playful and enjoy chasing toys and rolling around with each other. It would be wonderful if they could be adopted together!

Bohemian and Rhapsody

Bohemian and his sister Rhapsody are two fun loving kittens who were all about playing during their photo shoot. They jumped, tumbled and scampered around the room. They are 9 week old kittens and would love to be adopted together so they can continue their game of running and pouncing together forever.

Sammy, Joey, Henry (update: Sammy has been adopted!)

Sammy, Joey, and Henry found their way to the shelter after being surrendered with their siblings because there were too many kittens to care for. They are a sweet group of littles that enjoy running, jumping, rolling around with each other and chasing toys. They are sure to entertain you and keep you on your toes!! They also enjoy their time with human friends being petted and held and are a good combination of lovable and fun loving. If you think that maybe one or two of them could be right for your forever family, please come to the shelter and get to know them!!

Paige, Percy, and Clarence

Paige, Percy, and Clarence are very social and love everyone they meet. If you’ll play with them…all the better!! They like dangling and rolling things, pouncing and rolling around with each other, and lots of snuggles!! Note: these kittens have tested positive for FIV, but it is not a true positive for kittens until after 6 months old, as infected mother cats transfer FIV antibodies to nursing kittens. Kittens born to infected mothers may receive positive test results for several months after birth. However, few of these kittens actually are or will become infected. To clarify their infection status, kittens younger than 6 months of age that test positive for FIV should be retested at 60-day intervals until they are at least 6 months old as it is most likely a false positive. FIV has come with a stigma for many years, that over the past several years, has been found to be incorrect, please talk with your vet and do your research. Do not let this scare you away from adopting one of these very sweet little cuties, that most likely will test negative over the next few months.

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