Local Business Feature: Bear’s Bites

Bear’s Bites is a local business operating in the Central Illinois area offering a variety of single ingredient dog treats. Perfect for pets with sensitive tummies, allergies, or just picky eaters, these treats are loved by all! Sourcing the meat from a local family owned farm, Little Blue Farm, Bear’s Bites treats are hormone and steroid free. Fruit and veggie-based treats are all organic.

Bear’s Bites strives to make their all-natural, single ingredient dog treats affordable and costs start at $5 per bag. Owners will find a variety of flavors available including banana, pumpkin, beef liver, and what appears to be the most popular flavor: salmon skins. For those interested, there is also an option to sign up for a one-time or recurring monthly box subscription, where dog owners can opt for a small, medium, or large box ranging between $20 and $37 per box. In these boxes, you can customize your treats by choosing all meat or all fruit, a mix of each, or you can let Bear’s Bites decide. Currently, they are running a special of 50% off your first box if you sign up for the monthly subscription.

You can order these delicious treats for your fur baby directly from their website, which has a variety of payment options or you can click this link to find our where they are sold in stores. They participate in many local events, so you can also visit their Facebook Page to find out where Bear’s Bites will be next!

Bear’s Bites recently launched the Bear’s Bites Foundation, which aims to help families with emergency vet bills for their fur family. They are also launching Bear’s Bites Banquet on August 8th. Please head over to their website and help this amazing local business today!

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