Pets of the Week – August 2

Featured Dog: Meet Rowdy

Rowdy is a 2 y/o male bulldog mix that certainly lives up to his name! At 60lbs he will need a patient owner that will work with him on obedience, manners and potty training. He will need a significant amount of exercise…he is definitely not the type of dog that you can crate all day and give him just a few minutes running in the yard. He needs a dog park, a hike, or a jogging partner to burn off his energy. He also needs lot of interactive play and toys to prevent him from getting bored and destructive in the home. Rowdy has attended a few off-sites and does excellent in a crowd. He thrives on human attention and just wants to share his life. Rowdy is a strong dog that needs work on leash manners. He appears to be human and dog friendly, but would do best in a home with older kids. Cats unknown.

Featured Cat: Meet Skylar

Look at this girls green eyes!! They are beautiful. Skylar is a 2 1/2 year old female cat that came to TAPS from an animal control…..she was hiding a secret though and it quickly became obvious that she was expecting. It was her lucky day that we had a nice cushy foster home for her to go to. All of that happened a few months back and her kittens were born and have been adopted. But she has not. Skylar has a playful personality. She will play for hours all by herself with her toys. She likes to be pet, talked to and happens to like a nice bowl of canned cat food once or twice a day. She really is quite easy to please and great company.

Featured Long-Termer: Meet Lois Lane

Lois Lane is a 5 y/o pit bull mix. This gal is full of energy and has personality for days!! She would do best in an active household with a big fenced yard. Lois is going to take a committed dog owner to keep her safe. She escaped her crate on transport and can climb a chain link fence. She would do best in a home that has a privacy fence or is committed to keeping her on a long tie out while she is inside the fenced yard to keep her from escaping. Crates are no match for this girl so a family home most of the time would be the best fit. Her perfect home will not have any cats or small children. Any interested adopted must own their own home and have previous pit experience.

To fill out an adoption form for any of our animals click here and call 309-353-8277 to schedule an appointment to meet an adopt any of our dogs and cats!

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