Fostering Saves Lives: Featuring Ansel Adams

If you are anything like myself, you wish you could have allllll the animals! Well, there is something you CAN do to help our friends in the shelter, without having to adopt – you can foster! When all of this COVID stuff started, I was devastated to find out that TAPS was having to close to the public. All of those cats and dogs look forward to people in and out to visit them all day; and TAPS worked diligently to get as many animals out of the shelter and into foster within just a few days. I WANTED TO HELP! Enter, Ansel Adams.

I had been at TAPS the previous weekend to volunteer and spotted this handsome, handsome boy and I knew I wanted to get him into a home! Cats and dogs are completely different animals when they are in a home, they get to be themselves. I would have never known that Ansel LOVED children, which became a requirement for the home I would place him in. I would have never known that he loves to hang out in the bath tub, and play hard at 4am. You learn so much about these animals you give a chance to have a home, before their home, that you can pass on and place them into their absolute perfect environment.

I only got a short week with Ansel Adams before I found his perfect home. A lot of people say they could never foster because it would be too hard to get attached to the cat or dog and then let them go. Let me tell you, that is not true! It is SO rewarding to let them go, to know that YOU are the one that got them out of the shelter and YOU are the one who chose the family that would be perfect for them.

The day Ansel was adopted

Ansel Adams, now Felix, has been in his forever home now for 4 months and I will never forget my experience with him. He has a human brother & sister, a dog that he loves, and another TAPS alum cat, Henry to live his life with. Below are pictures I have gotten (and still get) from his new family. Give fostering a shot, it saves their little lives.

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