Katherine’s Day Date

Katherine got to hang out with two of our volunteers last week! Here is what Linda & Phyllis had to say about this girl: Katherine went off-site to my home and did wonderfully!! She rode very well in the car, was very calm in my yard and was very sweet. I suspect she may have lived in a home before because she seemed very confused as to why I didn’t let her in my house. She ignored the pool and my flower beds and didn’t seem interested in the fence (i.e. didn’t want to dig or jump to get out).

Katherine is a 7 year old female pit bull mix who was picked up running stray on a rural road in Tazewell County, no one ever came looking for her. She tested heartworm positive upon intake at TAPS and has now completed treatment.

By appearance, Katherine appears to have been bred a lot in her past life. She is insecure around other animals and does not know how to read their cues and we believe that is because the only time she was exposed to another dog, it was to be bred. Because of her insecurities, she would do best as an only pet. A family with older children would also be the best fit for her, due to her insecurities she would not do well around a young child with fast movements.

Katherine is available and waiting for her forever family. Please visit http://www.tapsshelter.org to apply for this gorgeous girl!

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