Furr-Ever Thankful Series: Featuring Rowdy

Rowdy arrived at TAPS in early June after he was found running stray in Oklahoma and was transferred to us by one of our partnering organizations. He is estimated to be a 2+ year old American Bulldog mix, weighing approximately 60 pounds. Upon arrival, he instantly became a staff and volunteer favorite because he is incredibly sweet and affectionate when he can maintain a relaxed state of mind. True to his name, Rowdy is easily excitable and has been known to play rough and because he has little training, it can be difficult for him to calm back down. He is very much a puppy in a full grown dog body.

As his stay at TAPS lengthens, Rowdy has been increasingly showing signs of kennel stress. This is a fairly common pattern for high-energy, intelligent dogs that don’t get to experience regular outlets for mental and physical stimulation. Specifically, Rowdy has been showing signs of resource guarding, which is a valuable skill to possess in the wild, but not such a great trait for domesticated, family companions. For those unfamiliar with the term, “resource guarding” is when a dog exhibits growling, lunging, and biting over toys, treats, or food. Potential adopters should not overlook Rowdy simply because of this; it is something that consistent training can help with, but they should be familiar with what resource guarding is and expect to spend some time correcting the behavior so that it is discouraged.

Because TAPS is dedicated to each and every animal that comes through our door we are hopeful that Rowdy will live a happy, healthy, successful life. We are beyond thrilled to share that our wonderful partners at Tender Care Animal Hospital have joined us in our commitment to help Rowdy by accepting him into their board and train program. Through the program, Rowdy receives daily care by a dedicated team of staff, as well as 1 on 1 training with a professional trainer. Rowdy has now spent just over 3 weeks in this program and every report we have received suggests that he is excelling in his training and is extremely smart and attentive and is picking up training very rapidly.

Rowdy is a truly beautiful dog that would thrive on structure and knowing how to make proper decisions. This can easily be achieved through consistent and effective training. When he is with staff and volunteers that he loves, he is a dog that is affectionate and gives kisses willingly. I think Rowdy would make an wonderful companion with the right family if he was given the appropriate amount of training and regular exercise.

If you are in the market for a dog, please consider Rowdy as you will find a loveable, loyal sweetheart that will melt your heart and love you for life. If you’ve ever thought that maybe you’d like to foster, we would love to see Rowdy go into a home after his board and train program is complete!! In the short-term, we are looking for a quiet, adult only home where Rowdy won’t be tempted by exciting activities, at least until he has had a chance to connect with his owners and compete any remaining training. Please consider Rowdy and if you are interested, fill out at application at http://www.tapsshelter.org/adoption-form.

Please visit http://www.tapsshelter.org for more information on Rowdy and our other available dogs and cats.

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